Scholarships Overview


  • African American Scholarships

    Scholarships for Black Students with A-Z index Scholarships are listed below alphabetically.

  • Asian Scholarships

    Helpful tips on how to win and find Asian Scholarships.

  • Hispanic Scholarships

    Popular Hispanic Scholarship resources are provided along with special scholarship available for Hispanic Women.

  • Illinois Scholarships

    Illinois has scholarships and grants to suit just about every type of student. If you are a nurse, medical student or teacher, there is a number of attractive incentive programs designed to keep you studying and working within the state providing Scholarships.

  • Interracial Scholarships

    There are a few scholarships that clearly are designed for multi-racial students, Scholarships Embrace our Diversity and can learn why these scholarships are provided, How Do You Culturally, Socially, and Racially Identify Yourself, How We Separate Race from Culture and Embrace All.

  • LGBTQ Scholarships

    A number of scholarships are devoted exclusively to students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. New Social Acceptance and Positive Activism Stimulates Awards and national, regional Scholarships are available.

  • National Scholarships

    List of national fellowship and scholarships available

  • Native American Scholarships

    Accessing scholarships for Native American and Alaska Native students is about perseverance and brainstorming. This is the best sources to find funds:
    Tribal, Federal, State, Corporate, Professional Organization.

  • Women Scholarships

    Traditionally, the professional roles many women chose were in fields such as healthcare, education, the creative arts, and in administrative and support capacities. To learn about big scholarship territory, colleges and university sources, professional Organization, Minority and international Scholarships for Women’s.

The following links are from various websites and provided as a courtesy. UIS does not administer these scholarships.