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The Diversity Center provides a forum for students with a common bond to unify and support each other and share their cultural achievements with the university community. The Diversity Center is an educational, social, and political force on campus to represent and advocate for the concerns and problems for all diverse students. Students bring about positive change through working collectively, united together.


The Diversity Center is a cultural, educational and social entity on campus to represent and advocate for the concerns and challenges of all students.

The goal of the Diversity Center is to foster a supportive environment for students to live, learn and grow as active members of the academic community and as individuals. We are dedicated to developing an understanding of differences through educational, cultural, and social programming activities and to assist in the recruitment, transition and retention of ethnic minority and underrepresented students at UIS. The Diversity Center promotes intercultural dialogue and other initiatives to create a campus climate that welcomes diversity, eliminates divisions, intolerance, and stereotyping.

University of Illinois Springfield Diversity Statement:

As Chancellor Susan Koch recently stated in her 2014 Convocation Address:

 “We all know that our student body is increasingly diverse. In fact, we will very likely have the most diverse student body in history on our campus this year, including a record number of international students. What an incredible opportunity this presents for us to truly and fully enact Goal Four of our Strategic Plan:

To establish to establish an atmosphere that contributes to the intellectual, cultural, social and personal enrichment of all members of our campus community; to be a community that is infused with an appreciation of diverse cultural perspectives and to provide a learning environment that is inclusive and safe for every individual regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic background or any other dimension of diversity.”

Chancellor Susan J. Koch