Summer Virtual Office Hours: A. I. at Public Liberal Arts Colleges & Universities

Join faculty colleagues from sister COPLAC schools for discussions on generative AI in the curriculum and classroom!

Collaborating across four COPLAC institutions, we're embarking on a year-long journey to explore generative AI's impact on and potential to enhance student learning. We're launching with monthly summer office hours and transitioning to monthly gatherings in the fall to collaboratively develop AI-informed assignments using a charrette process.

AI and Performance: Music, Medicine, and Mental Health

Join the UIS Performance Psychology and the AI Campus Learning Community for a panel discussion about the intersections of Artificial Intelligence and performance, broadly conceived, including: the nature of the physician-patient relationship; emotion regulation and mental health; music performance assessment and error correction.

Complimentary pizza lunch for event attendees

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Trauma-Informed Pedagogy - CSIL/CFE

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Join colleagues across central Illinois along with presenters Justin and Heather from ICC as they explore the intersection of culturally responsive teaching and trauma-informed pedagogy. We will discuss how to teach from an awareness of relational dynamics that motivates all students' learning. Our work focuses on applying this understanding to students with experiences of marginalization.


2024 Assurance of Student Learning Day

Save the Date - April 9, 2024 - Assurance of Student Learning Day

Presented by the Committee for the Assurance of Student Learning (CASL)

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Center for Faculty Excellence

Hear about 2023 Program Assessment grant projects from your colleagues.

Program Agenda

1:30pm: Opening Remarks (from CASL Chair Junfeng Wang)

1:35pm: UIS Degree Program Review and Assessment Grant Project Reports

Designing Effective Assignments with Generative AI - CFE

Work with faculty and staff to create an assignment that engages your students with Generative AI

Generative AI can enhance student learning by stimulating creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. In this hands-on workshop, you will work with faculty, CFE and COLRS staff to design or revise an assignment for your course that incorporates generative AI tools and techniques.

This could include ways your students could use Generative AI tools such as: ChatGPT, DALL-E, Gemini (Google) or Copilot (Microsoft).

Technology Tips and Tricks Speed Meet-Rise/CFE

ITS is Planning an opportunity for you to come learn a new digital tool or learn more about a tool you are already using.

Does it feel like technology is constantly changing and there is always something new to learn? That's because it is! Finding the time to learn new tools—or learn old tools that we never got around to learning—can be a challenge. That's where our Technology Tips and Tricks Speed Meet can help!

Unveiling AI bias through a multidisciplinary lens - CFE

Unveiling AI bias through a multidisciplinary lens: Navigating AI's impact on diversity, communication, and equity

This event aims to shed light on the issue of bias in artificial intelligence (AI) by adopting an interdisciplinary approach. This event will bring together a panel of experts from various fields to uncover and examine the ethical and practical implications of AI bias. The multidisciplinary lens will enable a diverse exploration of how human biases subtly influence AI systems, perpetuating discrimination and ethical inconsistencies.

Equitable Futures Conference

Envisioning an Equitable Future: UIS and Beyond

This event is called "Envisioning an Equitable Future: UIS and Beyond" and will run from 9 am-3 pm on Friday, April 26 in the Lincoln Residence Hall (LRH) Great Room. Full-day attendance is welcome but not required. Morning and afternoon coffee/tea will be provided as well as lunch for registered attendees. All members of the UIS community (students, staff, faculty, and administrators) are encouraged to attend this campus-wide conference centering our collective efforts toward an equitable future.