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 While COVID-19 has caused the temporary closing of TRAC and the cancellation of some programming, we wanted you to know we are here for you and working diligently to keep you connected and engaged even while you are away from campus.  On this page you will find a number of ways to stay connected to your friends and classmates until we see you again on campus.  If you have any suggestions for Campus Rec, please email us at

Rec Game Plan for Wellness

This is a stressful time.  Here are some articles about managing the stress and anxiety that you may have.

List of Wellness Phone Apps


Credit to Olympic College Recreation for compiling this list.

Now is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, read that book, or finally catch up on The Office before it leaves Netflix forever!


Credit to Olympic College Recreation for compiling this list.

Social distancing doesn't mean we can't still have fun!

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Interested in Esports? Sign-up on IMLeagues below. Leagues will be formed after registration is completed.

IMLeagues (note you will be leaving the UIS website)

Interactive, Virtual National Park Tours

More fun!

Credit to Olympic College Recreation for compiling this list.

Still More Fun!

Avengers Workout Game

Frozen Workout Game

Jurassic Park Workout Game

Office Workout Game

It can be easy to fall into a rut when you're at home so much. Try these resources out to keep your wellness up during this time!

Information about a virtual races, training programs, and the Fall 2020 Prairie Star 5K can be found here.

  •  Practice Mindfulness
    • Mindfulness Can Help You Navigate the Coronavirus Panic - posted by
    • Download Headspace - guided meditation for any pocket of time (the beginning meditation series is free but the rest is by subscription)
    • Download Motivation - an app that provides motivational phone wallpapers
    • Keep (or start!) a journal using prompts (click here for prompts) or an app (click here for some journalling apps).
    • Try Meditation
      • Insight Timer App
      • Headspace - While usually a paid app, they now offer a small collection for free called "Weathering the Storm"
      • Calm - Usually a paid app, now has collection of meditation (including for kids) for this crisis called "Take a deep breath"
      • Oak - Meditation & Breathing
  • Keep Tabs on Yourself
    • When was your last annual exam with your doctor?
    • Stick to a schedule even when working from home and, yes, that includes your sleep schedule
    • Workout at home (we have a whole tab on it!)
    • Drink enough water!
  • Find yourself sitting a lot?  Make you you're getting up and moving!  Try this beginner's flexibility workout on YouTube
  • How well do you eat?  Perhaps One Balanced Kitchen can help!

Credit to Olympic College Recreation for compiling this list.

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