How much does it cost?

It is free to all UIS Students assessed the General Fee and Faculty and Staff who have a valid Rec Membership.  A validicard must be presented when checking out a bike.

Late Fees

If a bike checked out in your name is not returned by closing time of TRAC on the designated due date, you will be charged $5 per day for each day the bike, lock, and/or key is late.  Bikes (locks/keys) returned 1-5 days late on a first occurrence, you must pay the $5/day for every day that its late.  If a bike (lock/key) is returned late by 1-5 days on a second occurrence, you must pay $5/day, and now you no longer have TRAC Stars bike privileges for the rest of the academic year.  After 5 days of being late, Campus Recreation will report the bike to the UIS Police Department as a stolen item.