The financial dimension focuses on the importance of financial decision making in your overall wellness. Financial wellness is about the balance of mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of money.  The focus of this dimension is to have an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in such a way that you are prepared for financial changes.  Current opportunities include:

  • Online webinars
  • Individual Financial Coaching Sessions
  • Group Workshops
  • Monthly e-newsletters for students, parents & employees
  • Educational website with financial resources
  • University of Illinois Financial Literacy Digital Badges Program


This dimension recognizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings. Activities focus on mental and emotional wellness where the goal is to maintain wellness which will enhance the person’s well-being in their life.  Current opportunities include:

  • Depression Screenings
  • Anxiety Screenings
  • Alcohol Screenings
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Programming
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Programming
  • Rape Aggression Defense Classes
  • Safe Zone Training
  • Meditation
  • Lavender Graduation
  • Martial Arts/Self Defense
  • Yoga


The environmental dimension recognizes the importance of enriching individual lives and making a difference in the world. The goal is to promote learning about community activism, environmental activism, and civic responsibility.  Current opportunities include:

  • Biology Club
  • Students Allied for a Greener Earth
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • AmeriCorps Week
  • Hunger/Homeless Week
  • Service Learning Programming
  • Model United Nations
  • Global Experience Program


This dimension recognizes one’s creative, stimulating mental activities. Using intellectual and cultural activities in the classroom and beyond the classroom.  Traveling the wellness path, you will explore issues related to problem solving, creativity, and learning.  Current opportunities include:

  • ECCE Speaker Series
  • Career Assessments
  • Academic Skills
  • Writing Assessments


Experiences within this dimension focus on the importance of the fact that “we are what we eat”. Good nutrition throughout life can lead to longer, healthier, happier lives.  Nutritional development encourages learning about diet and nutrition while discouraging the use of tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption.  Current opportunities include:

  • Healthy Days Events w/ Hy-Vee Dietician (one per month in the Fall semester)
  • Whole food based smoothies at TRAC (Wednesday’s)
  • Women & Weights


The occupational dimension recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life through work. At the center of occupational wellness is one’s attitude.  Traveling on this path will allow you to contribute your unique gifts, skills, and talents to work that is both personally meaningful and rewarding.  Current opportunities include:

  • Career Planning (GOALS Program)
  • Career Pathfinder
  • Career Counseling Appointment
  • Build a Resume
    • Career Sweet Hours (drop-in for resume critique)
  • Resume/Cover Letter Critiques
  • Career Toolbox
    • Career Development Center
  • Career Conference- Fall 2016
  • Career Fair- Spring 2017


This dimension recognizes the importance and need for regular physical activity. Optimal physical wellness is met through the combination of good exercise and eating habits throughout one’s life.  Throughout the physical path you’ll strive to spend time building physical strength, endurance, and flexibility.  The physical benefits of feeling and looking good often lead to psychological benefits of enhanced self-esteem. Current opportunities include:

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Fitness Orientations
  • Women & Weights
  • NFL Fitness Incentive Program
  • Intramural Sports
  • Outdoor Adventure Trips
  • Special Events
  • Fitness Incentive Programs
  • Workout Of The Day


Experiences within this dimension will encompass building new opportunities among peers and the University community. The goal is to promote engagement and enhance the ability of a student to build and maintain close and rewarding relationships.  Current opportunities include:

  • Greek organizations
  • African student association
  • Art student league
  • International student organization
  • Japanese Springfield
  • Military & Veteran Club
  • Muslim Student Organization
  • Organization of Latin American Students
  • Queer Straight Alliance
  • Saudi Students Association
  • Sisters with Vision
  • Student Activities Committee
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Outdoor Adventure Trips
  • Intramural Sports
  • Athletic event (game)
  • Young Professional Marketers
  • Homecoming
  • Welcome Week
  • Springfest


This dimension recognizes our search for meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes the development of a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist.  The purpose is to enhance your ability to find meaning in your life and your relationships with others.  Current opportunities include:

  • Catholic Student Organization
  • Chinese Bible Christian Student Affiliation
  • Christian Student Fellowship
  • Church of the Living God International Campus Ministry
  • Epic Praise for Christ
  • University Bible Fellowship
  • Voices in Praise
  • Meditation
  • Muslim Student Organization
  • Indian Student Organization