Looking to space out from the boredom of COVID-19 and just get away?  Join Orion and your fellow STARS as we run across the moon for the UIS Space Out Event.  And the best part…you get to decide how you will complete your miles (inside, outside, run, skip, hop, jump, bike, lift, kickbox, swim) and how many miles you want to do!  We have different moon related distances for different fitness challenges.


What is the University Fitness Challenge?

The University Fitness Challenge is a program that allows the UIS community to win a t-shirt from schools nationwide while helping them to live a healthier lifestyle. Participants who sign up for the program will choose a school’s shirt and then exercise the actual mileage it would take to travel from UIS to that college or university. We have over 100 shirts from schools as close as Western Illinois University (76 miles) and as far as the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (3,620 miles). When the participant documents and submits the required mileage, the t-shirt is theirs to keep!

Past Events