Action Needed: Required Password Resets

UIS experienced a cybersecurity incident this week. While this incident was caught quickly and intervention took place immediately, we are acting in an abundance of caution and requiring that all UIS users reset their passwords. Please do so within the next 24 hours. After Friday, November 18 at 3pm CST, we will expire passwords for any user who has not yet reset their password and they will be forced to reset their password before they can login to any service.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response

Action Required: Cybersecurity Incident Response

UIS experienced a cybersecurity incident this week. While this incident was caught quickly and intervention took place immediately, we are acting in an abundance of caution with 3 immediate actions.

Because incidents like this can have far-reaching effects, these actions allow us to safeguard everyone's account.

Skype for Business to Retire December 16

Shutting Down Skype for Business

ITS will be shutting down the UIS Skype for Business server on December 16, 2022. Microsoft has been migrating Skype for Business functionality to Microsoft Teams and plans to no longer support Skype for Business.

Please note that this has no impact on Skype; Skype for Business is a separate service.    

Please reach out to ITS Client Services if you would like additional training on Zoom or MS Teams.

What should I do if:

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Protect Your Data: Encrypt Your Device

There are a lot of ways to protect your data. For those who choose to store files on their local hard drive, a strong password is the first line of defense against threats. That helps prevent people from accessing your files, but there’s more you can do.

Encrypting your hard drive is a second way to guard your files and data from prying eyes. It’s fast and it’s easy! Basically, encryption scrambles your data, and only the person with the correct “key” (think password/passphrase) can put that puzzle together again.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month October 2022: See Yourself in Cybersecurity

We all play a role in each day in our own security. We put on a seatbelt or lock a door. We play a similar role in our digital and online security: we can take actions that improve it and reduce risks.

This October we encourage you to take steps that raise your awareness of cybersecurity in all your roles at the university and beyond. We're focusing on Phishing: how to identify it, report it, and protect yourself against it.

SGA Webcasts

In collaboration with the Office of Electronic Media, ITS offers webcasting services for campus events and classroom lectures. Events such as graduation, athletics events, festivals, and various workshops/symposiums have been broadcast across the Internet using streaming technology that makes the content available across mobile and computing platforms.

Campus departments wishing to arrange a webcast should contact Cody Pope at 217.206.6803 or

Phishing Help

What is Phishing?

Cyber criminals use email in malicious ways to gain access to data. Like a fisherman uses a hook to get a fish, the ultimate goal is to convince you to provide them with information they want. Phishing email often appears legitimate, so users fall for requests to click on links, open attachments, visit websites, or to respond to the sender with personal information.

Workstation Locking

The safety and security of our data is a top priority at UIS. In an effort to better protect your files, ITS implemented a computer security policy that will automatically lock office, classroom, and lab computers after 20 minutes of inactivity. This policy is based on a recommendation from The Office of University Audits.

ITS encourages you to lock your computer anytime you walk away from it, even for just a minute. To do so, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then choose Lock this computer. Or press the Windows key and ‘L’.