Star Student - Susannah Sinclair

Susannah Sinclair graduated with a master’s degree in Management Information Systems in 2020 with 3 graduate certificates in Business Analytics, IT Project Management, and Business Process Management. Susannah is currently the CRM and Digital Communications Manager at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School.

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Academic Transfer Policies

I. Policy for Using Transfer Credit to Fulfill College Core Requirements

This policy addresses the use of courses completed at another educational institution to fulfill the College Core course requirements, which must be completed by all CBM undergraduate students. The College Core consists of the following UIS courses:

2021 Beta Gamma Sigma Inductees

The College of Business and Management’s Beta Gamma Sigma chapter introduces its inductees for the academic year 2020-2021

The advisors of Beta Gamma Sigma, Profs. Atul Agarwal, Shipra Gupta, and Neetu Singh with the help of the CBM staff, organized a warm and inspirational virtual event to celebrate the success of the college’s best students.

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Business & Society Project

Portrayed as the primary villain in film, literature, and other cultural outlets, business is routinely portrayed as the root of social ills rather than a foundation of social progress and human well-being. Business and society stand, or fall, together. A better understanding of business, and its role in society, is crucial for addressing the challenges of the twenty first century.

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Access to Sedona

SEDONA is a self-service web database application that allows members to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records. If you have problems accessing the site, please contact Mrs Allison Decker at

Graduate Programs

The College of Business and Management takes pride in developing an environment of engagement, innovation, and impact both in teaching and scholarly activity.

The master’s degree provides advance course work in various topics, research methods, and data analytics, as chosen by the student based on his or her objectives. The MA degree enables students to achieve professional careers, as well as to assume leadership roles in both the public and private sectors.