Message from the Chancellor: Committee for Belonging, Dignity and Justice


Dear Colleagues:

As you may recall, I have been working to establish a Chancellor’s Committee for Belonging, Dignity and Justice. This committee will work to examine existing approaches to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice across the institution, lead our DEIJ strategic planning efforts, and provide a centralized source for future discussions about how we carry out our institutional commitment to belonging, dignity and justice. I am happy to announce the membership of this committee and our next steps.

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Message from the Chancellor: Statement on March 7 SGA Townhall


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff —

I understand that last night’s Student Government Association townhall that took place in the Student Union was difficult for many students and staff in attendance. I unfortunately was not able to attend due to work-related travel, but I have been in communication with Student Affairs leadership to make sure students who need support are receiving it. We will fully evaluate all that transpired before making recommendations for further appropriate actions.

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Message from the Chancellor: Resources & support as we mourn with MSU


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff —

I am certain that last night’s deadly mass shooting on the Michigan State University campus is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of our UIS community. I join my colleagues from throughout higher education in expressing my deepest sympathy to the MSU students, faculty and staff, and especially to the victims’ loved ones.

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Message from the Chancellor: UIS Update 2.6.23


Good afternoon:

I hope everyone enjoyed the dose of sunshine we got this weekend! I was glad to be back in Springfield last week following a busy three days in Chicago the prior week for Board of Trustees activities. This week is the Investiture at 2 p.m. Wednesday, and I’m so grateful to everyone who is working hard to make this a special event.

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