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Participating in Research for Extra Credit Policy

During some semesters, students in Psychology courses may be permitted to volunteer for and participate in approved research projects in order to receive course-related extra credit points (at the instructor’s discretion). Your participation in research is optional.

Proper cancellation etiquette

If you need to cancel your research appointment, you should give the experimenter at least 2 hours’ notice (to allow us time to contact our research assistants and keep them from making unnecessary trips).

Participating in Research as a Course Requirement Policy

To fulfill the requirements of PSY 201 and PSY 302 you must participate in research conducted in the psychology department. If you do not wish to participate in the research then please see your instructor for an alternative. You cannot pass the course without participating in research or completing the alternative. Your research participation or alternative assignment must be completed before data collection stops for the term. If you complete all of the other requirements of the class but do not complete this research requirement you will get an incomplete in the class.