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Guidelines for Pre-employment

There are numerous laws and executive orders requiring equal opportunity and affirmative action. Under these laws employers are required to conduct the applicant screening process in a nondiscriminatory manner. As a result, restrictions have been placed on the kinds of inquiries which may be made of an applicant.

Guidelines for Hiring Faculty

A memo of justification/request for the position must be submitted (4 originals) from the Dean/Director addressed to the VCAA and the Chancellor with signature approval lines for the VCAA and the Chancellor.

A signed original will be returned to the Dean/Director’s office. Once authorization to fill a position is given to a College dean or dean of Library Services, the following guidelines are to be followed

Guidelines for Hiring Academic Professional Staff

A. Memo of Justification, Request for Personal Services & The Job Description

A Memo of justification, Request for Personal Services form (RPS), and a position description on the Human Resources form must be submitted to the Office of the Provost for authorization to fill an academic professional position. The memo should be from the Dean/Director and addressed to the Division Vice Chancellor and Chancellor with signature approval lines for the division Vice Chancellor and Chancellor. (A memo of justification is not required for a visiting AP.)