Space Requests

  • Registered Student Organizations can only request space through UISConnection. This is done by “Creating Event”.
  • Campus departments with UISConnection pages, as well as Resident Assistants can do so in the same way.
  • If your campus department does not have a UISConnection page, Student Union spaces can be requested through this online form. SLB Gym can be requested via email to 
  • New forming organizations needing space to meet prior to completing registration should contact our office at for assistance

For Registering a Student Organization

  • Registration is on UISConnection,  you must have 4 students and 1 faculty/staff advisor, once registration form is submitted, the President and Treasurer of the organization will be enrolled in a Path on UISConnection for training and resources. Registration for the academic year opens 1 week prior to the start of the Fall Semester classes. Priority Registration deadline is September 15th, registration for the academic year closes February 15th.
  • Student Organization Model Constitution (doc) You can use this model to as a guide to develop your organization’s constitution.
  • Student Organization Constitution Template (doc) This is another model you can use to design your constitution.
  • Student Organization Storage Locker Applications (UISConnection) . Fill this out if your organization would like to reserve lockers in the Student Leadership Center. Form Open between August 1 - May 15 each year.
  • RSO Facility Use Agreement (pdf) Contains the policies pertaining to campus facility usage at UIS.

For Events and Activities

For Funding Purposes

For any questions relating to the information above, contact Student Life by email or your RSO Liaison.

Online Equipment Check-Out

Equipment Reservations

  • Reservations take priority over walk-ins.
  • Some equipment requires reservations (Needs Prior Reservation)
    • Cotton Candy
    • Yard Games

All equipment must be checked out at the Student Leadership Center Front Desk in the Student Union.

Due Days

  • Equipment is due by the close of business the day of the event (if the event runs past hours of operation, if my be turned in by noon the next day, but renter must request/inform us of this need at the time of rental.)
  • Equipment not turned in on-time will be assessed a fine which the renting student is responsible for.
  • Equipment must be returned to the Student Leadership Center front desk in the Student Union.


  • Student must have valid i-card in order to check equipment out.
  • Student checking equipment out is responsible for returning that equipment.

Equipment Charges

Button Maker

  • $0.10 per button (paper/designs not included)

Cotton Candy Machine

  • $8.00 per floss carton
  • $30 cleaning fee if equipment is returned dirty


  • Registered Student Organizations are allotted 200 free copies
    • on white paper
    • black and white copies only


Equipment returned late will be assessed a fine of $10 per day late. Student checking out the equipment will be responsible for the fee.


Payment can be made in a variety of ways, through the Student Orgs Fundraising Account, Department account, Cash, SOFA Funding (must be approved!)

Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must renew their registration with the Office of Student Life each academic year. If your organization is not listed and you believe this is in error, please contact the office at (217) 206-4762 to see where your organization stands in the registration process.

You can find the RSO Directory on UISConnection

Website Policies

Procedure for student organizations that wish to create a website

Student organizations are entitled to a website on the student web server. Organizations wishing to establish a website should send the following information to Student Life and copy your advisor.

  • Name of organization
  • Name of faculty or staff advisor
  • Name and netID of student who will create and maintain the website
  • Preferred name for website

Note: website URLs will appear as in this example:

Your facutly/staff advisor should also be copied on your email request. Once approved, the Technology Services department will create the website and notify the organization.

Approval must come from the Student Affairs Division before the Campus Technology Services department will create a website for your organization.

For more information about campus websites, see the Campus Web Policy.