Unveiling AI bias through a multidisciplinary lens - CFE

Unveiling AI bias through a multidisciplinary lens: Navigating AI's impact on diversity, communication, and equity

This event aims to shed light on the issue of bias in artificial intelligence (AI) by adopting an interdisciplinary approach. This event will bring together a panel of experts from various fields to uncover and examine the ethical and practical implications of AI bias. The multidisciplinary lens will enable a diverse exploration of how human biases subtly influence AI systems, perpetuating discrimination and ethical inconsistencies.

AI and Performance: Music, Medicine, and Mental Health

UIS Performance Psychology Panel Discussion

Co-Hosted by the AI Campus Learning Community

Join us for a panel discussion about the intersections of Artificial Intelligence and performance, broadly conceived, including: the nature of the physician-patient relationship; emotion regulation and mental health; music performance assessment and error correction.

Complimentary pizza lunch for event attendees.

Artificial Intelligence: Data Literacy, & Society

This talk explores insights and issues on leadership in AI, data analytics, and the importance of developing data literacy skills. It discusses how we can build a strong foundation of data (including practices such as data governance and master data management), which allows for more precise analysis and better understanding of policy impact on the society.  Ms. Gypalo will discuss implementing human-centered solutions for public sector challenges and breaking down barriers across levels of government—subjects that she is passionate about.