Dessa Gypalo

This talk explores insights and issues on leadership in AI, data analytics, and the importance of developing data literacy skills. It discusses how we can build a strong foundation of data (including practices such as data governance and master data management), which allows for more precise analysis and better understanding of policy impact on the society.  Ms. Gypalo will discuss implementing human-centered solutions for public sector challenges and breaking down barriers across levels of government—subjects that she is passionate about. "Everything we do is going to touch on ethics; everything we do is going to touch on equity,” said Gypalo.

Dessa Gypalo is the Chief Data Officer for the State of Illinois and works within the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT). DoIT focuses on providing technology service delivery for agencies and residents of the State of Illinois. Dessa leads the data analytics vertical for the state, where she’s focused on implementing the state’s data analytics strategy by increasing data literacy and creating a culture of collaboration and iteration.

In addition, Gypalo is a member of the prestigious inaugural cohort of Obama Foundation USA Leaders. The Obama Foundation Leaders program offers practical skill building for social change, leadership coaching, discussion of critical issues, and small group support. As participants, Leaders self-define a values-based foundation for sustained leadership, cultivate relationships with others to catalyze more inclusive, lasting change, and prepare to engage with issues at the systems level.

Co-sponsored by the UIS Department of Mathematical Sciences

Brookens Auditorium
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