I.  Policy Information

Policy Title: University of Illinois Springfield Liberal Leave Policy
Responsible Official: Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs
Approved by: Chancellor with advice of Cabinet
Date Approved: 12/14/2021
Date Effective: 12/14/2021

Date Revised 11/23/2021

Targeted Review Date: 11/01/2024
Contact: Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, Office of the Chancellor
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UIS Emergency Response Plan https://www.uis.edu/emergencies/uis-emergency-response-plan

II.  Scope

This Policy applies to all UIS employees working on university premises when there is inclement weather, civil disorder or other emergency circumstances. This Policy does not apply to employees working remotely pursuant to a Remote Work Agreement or student employees working at non-university affiliated worksites. (The protocols for non-university worksites should be followed.)

III.  Purpose

The purpose of the Liberal Leave Policy is to enable employees to exercise their judgment in determining if it safe for them to drive or ride to or from work in inclement weather, civil disorder, or other emergency circumstances.

If inclement weather, civil disorder or other emergency circumstances should cause cancellation of classes or closure of the UIS campus, specific information is posted on the UIS Emergencies homepage. https://www.uis.edu/emergencies/

The chancellor or her/his designee evaluates the circumstances and then make a determination as to whether or not to implement this Liberal Leave Policy. The Policy becomes effective by being announced officially on the UIS website, via campus email, WUIS radio and/or on the main switchboard number, 217-206-6600.

Once the Chancellor or her/his designee have declared the Liberal Leave Policy in effect, employees who believe it would be dangerous for them to drive or ride to or from work should notify their supervisor of the concern and request time off for all or part of the day. The employee may request to use vacation time, or if no vacation time is available, unpaid leave.  Supervisors are advised to abide by each employee’s judgment when the Liberal Leave Policy is activated. In the alternative, if deemed appropriate, the employee may complete their shift remotely with supervisor permission.

Effective Date
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Kelsea Gurski