Even on days when classes are canceled or the Springfield campus is declared closed due to inclement weather or other extraordinary situation, the university must provide minimal, adequate staffing in “essential services.” It is up to the division heads to make sure such services are provided.

Employees providing those services are required to report to work if so informed by their supervisors.

Units providing “essential services” will have a written plan for providing these services, including which employees and/or positions are needed, and will keep these plans on file with their division head.

These are the essential services*

  • Campus Police
  • Central Receiving
  • Chancellor’s Office
  • Counseling Center
  • Facilities and Services
  • Food Services
  • Health Services
  • Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Services
  • WUIS

Some departments or personnel might be able to provide some essential services from an off-campus location. Division heads can make these determinations.

Other services that may be required

Depending on scheduled activities for the day or the timing of the announcement regarding inclement weather or other emergency, some other services might be required, with the determination made by the vice chancellor, division head or their designees. A partial list of these includes:

  • Athletic events
  • Campus Mail
  • Brookens Library
  • Conference Services
  • Sangamon Auditorium
  • Student Life
  • The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC)

*There also may be situations (depending on the emergency or weather condition) where personnel not generally considered essential may be notified by his/her supervisor and be required to report to work on days the university is closed, classes are canceled, or the Liberal Leave Policy is in effect.

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