Business Administration and Management Information Systems

Angela Pryer

Angela Pryer
Telephone: 217-206-6858
Toll Free: 1-800-323-9243
Office: UHB 4013

Angela supports our Online Bachelor's in Business Administration Program (comprehensive, management, or human resources concentrations) and Online Bachelor's in Management Information Systems Program.

Graduate Business Programs

donna greer

Donna Greer
Telephone: (217) 206-8174
Office: UHB 4056

Deb Hartz

Debra Hartz
Telephone: (217) 206-8136
Office: UHB 4038

Donna and Deb support the online graduate business programs, including MBA, Healthcare Informatics, Management Information Systems, and HR Management. Request more info about our Online Graduate Degrees in Business.

Data Analytics

Tung Nguyen

Tung Nguyen
Phone: (217) 206-8338
Office: BRK 388

Dr. Nguyen is a professor of mathematics and coordinates our Online Master’s in Data Analytics program.

Computer Science and Information Security Systems

jennifer berry

Jennifer Berry
Telephone: 217-206-7429
Office: UHB 3105

Sarah and Jennifer assist with our Online Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science and Online Bachelor's in Information Security Systems programs.

Legal Studies and Political Science

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson
Telephone: 217-206-7934
Office: PAC 307

Sarah supports our Online B.A. and Minor in Political Science, as well as the Online Master's in Legal Studies and Online Master's in Political Science programs.


Craig McFarland

Craig McFarland
Telephone: 217-206-8639
Office: PAC 318

Craig supports our online programs for the School of Education, including the online Master's in Education Program and Teacher Education Program.

Environmental Studies

Esther Adewusi

Esther Adewusi
Telephone: 217-206-8716
Office: HSB 314

Esther supports our online programs for the Master's in Environmental Studies.

Mathematical Sciences

hei-chi chan

Dr. Hei-Chi Chan
Phone: (217) 206-8405

Dr. Chan is a professor of mathematics and supports our Online Bachelor's in Mathematical Sciences Program.

Public Policy

ty dooley

Dr. Ty Dooley
Phone: (217) 206 – 6545
Office: PAC 421

Dr. Dooley is a professor of public administration and supports our Online Master's in Public Policy.

Human Services

Betsy Goulet

Dr. Betsy Goulet
Phone: 217-206-8523
Office: PAC 424

Dr. Goulet is a professor of public administration and supports our Online Master's in Human Services program.

Criminology & Criminal Justice, English, History, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, African American Studies

Nicole Hager

Nicole Hager
Office: UHB 3058
Phone: (217) 206-8616

Nicole supports our Online Bachelor's programs in Criminology & Criminal Justice, English, History, Liberal Studies, and Philosophy, as well as our online minor in African American Studies.

Public Administration and Policy

gael carnes

Gael Carnes
Telephone: (217) 206-6310
Office: PAC 420

Gael supports our Online Master's in Public Administration and Policy.

Communication and Public & Non-Profit Administration

andrew nicol

Andrew Nicol
Telephone: 217-206-8520
Office: PAC 318

Andrew supports our programs in Online Bachelor's in Communication and Online Bachelor's in Public & Non-Profit Administration.

Public Health

brian chen

Dr. Brian Chen, Department Chair
Phone: (217) 206-8524

Dr. Chen is a professor public health and supports our Online Master's in Public Health Program.


robin vansacik

Robin Vansacik
Phone: (217) 206-6695

Robin supports our Online Bachelor's in Psychology Program.

Women and Gender Studies

UIS colonade

Telephone: 217-206-6512
Office: UHB 3038

Staff members are supporting our Online Bachelor's in Women & Gender Studies program.

For general information about programs at UIS, contact the Office of Admission at, phone (217) 206-4847, toll-free (888) 977-4847.