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Dear Colleagues —

I am thrilled to share the amazing news that our university’s enrollment this semester is up 11 percent over Fall 2022 enrollment! This follows a promising trend in which we’ve seen increases in our enrollment numbers each semester for the past year compared to the same semester the prior year.

I am so proud of these results and grateful to all of you for the hard work, creativity and collaborative spirit it takes to move the enrollment needle so substantially in a relatively short period of time. The important work of recruiting and retaining our students is paramount to our university’s long-term success; our progress this year is very encouraging and confirms we are on the right track to keep increasing our enrollment.

Some highlights from Census Day (Sept. 8) numbers include:

  • A total of 4,661 students are enrolled, up from 4,198 students in Fall 2022.
  • Online learning at UIS has increased to 1,901 students, up 19% from last year.
  • There are 259 new freshmen students enrolled this semester, a nearly 6% increase from 245 students in Fall 2022. The number of students transferring to UIS also increased by almost 3% with 448 students enrolled.
  • The number of graduate students at UIS totals 2,319, a 28% increase compared to last fall. Total undergraduate enrollment fell slightly to 2,342 students compared to 2,393.

You can read our press release on our news site.

It’s a wonderful privilege to help a growing number of UIS students work toward achieving their goals and becoming the change-makers of tomorrow. Let’s use today’s news as momentum to fuel our good work and have another productive year together at UIS.

Thank you to our talented Enrollment Management and Retention division and to EVERYONE who has helped make UIS a place students want to be!


Janet L. Gooch, PhD


University of Illinois Springfield

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