Blake Wood
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For a second year in a row, census numbers show that more students are attending the University of Illinois Springfield. After the first 10 days of classes, a total of 4,661 students are enrolled for Fall Semester 2023, an increase of 11% from 4,198 students in fall 2022.

“We’re so proud that more students are choosing UIS for a personalized educational experience,” said UIS Chancellor Janet L. Gooch. “Student success is at the center of all we do, and we’re excited to help a growing number of students work toward successfully achieving their goals and becoming the change-makers of tomorrow.”

Gooch said factors contributing to UIS’ enrollment success include joining the Common App, customizing financial aid to assist as many students as possible and better telling the story of how UIS students are starting successful careers after graduation. Improved transfer pathways and agreements with community colleges, increased partnerships in international programs and a focus on improving the overall student experience also contributed to the university’s enrollment growth.

There are 259 new incoming freshmen students enrolled at UIS this semester, an almost 6% increase from 245 students in fall 2022. The number of students transferring to UIS also increased by almost 3% with 448 students enrolled. The total number of undergraduate students fell slightly from 2,393 in fall 2022 to 2,342 students in fall 2023.

The number of graduate students taking classes at UIS increased by 28% this semester with 2,319 students enrolled compared to 1,805 in fall 2022. There are 1,400 domestic students enrolled in graduate programs at UIS this semester and 919 international students.

“We are delighted with the increase of students this fall and happy to welcome students from all over the U.S. and around the world to Springfield,” said Vickie Cook, UIS vice chancellor for enrollment and retention management. “Students are very excited about being a part of UIS and are looking forward to an excellent experience on campus.”

Online learning continues to grow at UIS with 1,901 online majors in fall 2023, up from 1,597 students (a 19% increase) in fall 2022. More than 80% of all UIS students take at least one course online. UIS online students reside in approximately 45 states, 74 counties in Illinois and 19 foreign countries.

Illinois residents account for 68% of the students attending UIS this semester. There are 3,096 students from Illinois enrolled this semester, up from 2,995 students in fall 2022. A total of 844 students are living in residential facilities on campus this semester.

UIS saw an increase in the number of students from all demographics taking classes this fall. There are 1,005 international students enrolled at UIS (22% of the student body), compared to 645 in fall 2022. Black or African American students make up about 11% of the total UIS population, followed by Hispanic students at 8% and Asian students at 4%.

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