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Are you interested in serving on the UIS Green Fee Committee? On-campus undergraduate and graduate students in all majors are welcome to apply.

Applications are due Friday, 9/22, at 10 PM. To apply, submit a current resume and a one-page cover letter describing why you are interested in the committee and the skills/experiences that you would bring to the position using this webform.

UIS students, faculty, and staff can propose sustainability projects each academic year to help our campus be more environmentally responsible. Project funding comes from the UIS Student Green Fee, and students decide which projects are implemented.

Over the past five years, the UIS Student Green Fee Committee has funded numerous Green Projects on our campus, including new water bottle filling stations in several buildings, a bike repair station, new bikes for the Campus Rec STARS bike share program, a pollinator garden at the UIS Student Union, photocells that make campus lighting more energy efficient, low-flow toilets that reduce our water use, and recycling bins for dorm rooms in FRH and LRH. For more information about these green projects and the green fee, check out our Green Projects webpage.

We are now accepting applications for the student-led UIS Green Fee Committee. This group helps UIS community members develop innovative project ideas and decides which ones are funded and implemented. The Green Fee Committee is an excellent avenue for students to engage in a leadership role on campus while promoting environmental sustainability and serving the UIS community.


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