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Last month, Dr. Liang Kong, Associate Professor of Mathematics, along with Dr. Yanhui Guo (Associate Professor, CSC), Dr. Xiaoqing Li (Professor, MIS), gave a very interesting and informative talk on ChatGPT! The title of their talk is 


The talk was divided into three equal parts. Dr. Kong's part focused on the potential impact of ChatGPT on mathematics education. He discussed the benefits of AI-generated content (AIGC) in enhancing problem-solving, proof-writing, and quantitative reasoning. Dr. Kong also explored two crucial applications of ChatGPT, namely Minerva and GPT Wolfram plugin (see also the blog post by Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica). Minerva is a Google-built model for multi-step quantitative reasoning, while GPT Wolfram plugin utilizes OpenAI's advanced GPT-4 language model and Wolfram's computation platform to solve mathematical problems efficiently. Additionally, Dr. Kong discussed the opportunities and challenges of integrating ChatGPT into math education, offering valuable insights into how AI can revolutionize math education and enhance quantitative reasoning.

The other two parts of the talk were equally exciting. Dr. Guo provided an overview of the fascinating architecture of ChatGPT, while Dr. Li discussed the applications of ChatGPT in various areas, including personalized learning, online tutoring, and academic research. If you missed the talk, no worries, here is the link to the recording

This talk was hosted by the UIS Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE). The mission of CFE is to engage and to connect all UIS faculty as they pursue excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service at all stages of their careers. The center is a resource dedicated to fostering dialogue, innovation, and excellence. CFE has been organizing various talks on all things ChatGPT during this semester. For information, contact Dr. Layne Morsch, Interim Associate Provost of Online, Professional, and Engaged Learning (OPEL). 

Note added. Mathematica is a powerful computing tool. You can try it out at WolframAlpha (for free). UIS students can get free access to version 13.1.0 via UI Webstore

For information, contact Dr. Liang Kong (MAT/PHI), Dr. Yanhui Guo (CSC), Dr. Xiaoqing Li (MIS), and Dr. Layne Morsch (OPEL).

Keywords: ChatGPT, math education, Minerva (Google), GPT Wolfram plugin, Mathematica, UIS Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE)

(Dr. Hei-Chi Chan, MAT/PHI, 4/16/23)