We are in a time of change, polarization, and in some states, increased legislative challenges to what and how we teach.  These challenges are leading to ongoing debates within our discipline linked to shifting professional norms and values and the impacts our pedagogical practices in preparing the next generation of public service leaders. 

Over the last several years we have faced several forms of “crisis” impacting higher education – including the traditional definition of crisis focusing on the global pandemic, but also a new interpretation of crisis connected to rapid pendulum swings of pedagogical changes related to the pandemic and to professional norms, values, and pedagogy that are under attack. 

How do we deal with this new environment while reinforcing important professional norms and values, such as DEI, when the very language used to articulate such norms and values may be challenged in certain environments?

Our interactive discussion will shed light on some of these issues, specifically addressing the following triple threats: evolving pedagogy, ongoing political and social polarization, and discipline specific attacks on our identities, and how to understand and address them going forward. Michelle D. Evans, PhD (University of Tennessee, Chatanooga) and José Luis Irizarry, PhD (University of Illinois, Springfield) will present on this important topic.  Following their presentation, Seth Meyer, PhD (Bridgewater State University) will moderate a discussion with Dr. Evans, Dr. Irizarry, and audience members.

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Walking the Tightrope: Fostering Inclusive Pedagogy in Turbulent Environments
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