Our meal plans

First year and second year returning students are required to purchase a full meal plan (Signature, Gold or Silver) regardless of housing assignment.

Signature ($2,100 per semester)

This plan, at $2,100 per semester is designed for the student who eats all their meals at Dining Services.

Gold ($1,675 per semester)

At only $1,675 per semester, this plan is for the student who only occasionally misses a meal period.

Silver ($1,400 per semester)

This plan is designed for the student who eats lightly or less frequently.

Bronze ($375 per semester)

Costing only $375 per semester, this plan is ideal for apartment and townhouse residents. Why cook every night when Dining Services offers so many great choices? Let us cook a few meals every week so you can study and relax with friends.

Choosing a meal plan

Consider how often you will eat on campus (rather than at home or elsewhere). The following table shows the how much you can spend for each meal plan for a five-day or seven-day week.

Approximate Cost Per Day
(rounded to the nearest dollar)

Number of days used5 days per week7 days per week
Signature ($2,100 a semester)$26.58$19.26
Gold ($1,675 a semester)$21.20$15.36
Silver ($1,400 a semester)  $17.72$12.84 

Monitoring your meal plan balance is easy. Your account balance displays at cash registers and vending machines after each purchase. You can also check your balance online or ask a Food Service cashier.

Changing meal plans

Students may change to a higher-priced plan within the first 10 days of a semester. Students may not add value to a meal plan. The Campus Cash plan accepts deposits on the i-card. Please read the section below on how to add funds to Campus Cash.

Please refer to the Meal Plan Terms and Conditions for definitive information about our plans.

Campus Cash: “Meal plan” convenience for commuter students, faculty, and staff

Campus Cash allows anyone with a valid University i-card to pay without cash at Illinois Springfield! Campus Cash allows you to swipe and go quickly at all our Food Service locations and at these campus venues, too

  • Athletics concessions
  • Bookstore
  • Campus public copiers
  • Computer labs
  • Housing laundry rooms
  • Sangamon Auditorium
  • TRAC juice bar
  • Vending machines

You can fund your Campus Cash account at icardwallet.uis.edu or the Springfield ID Center.