Web Services

The Office of Web Services oversees the primary UIS website, including the campus homepage and top-level pages, and resides within the Chancellor's Division.

The Office of Web Services is the primary developer of all official UIS websites using the WordPress Content Management System. We design, program, and develop web accessible, standards-compliant websites following the UIS Campus Web Policy. The Office of Web Services is part of the Creative Services unit.

Video Conferencing Training for WordPress

One of the best tools available for connecting and communicating with our students, faculty and staff is our website.

In this time of working remotely it’s important we leverage every tool we have to keep our audience informed and up-to-date on our activities.

With that in mind, we recognize that there is still a need to conduct WordPress training so you have the resources ready and available when you need to utilize them.

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Quick Facts


Total department and unit websites overseen by Web Services

4+ million

Total sessions by users on the UIS websites for 2018


Total workshops offered for WordPress, Toolbox, web analytics, SEO, etc.


Our Projects

Websites at UIS

For the UIS WordPress Content Management System, we have developed three official WordPress Themes that are used by the university. We oversee 170+ department and unit websites.
UIS Homepage on Devices

Web Services does not maintain website content and individuals assigned by each department or unit handle this aspect, while following standards outlined in the UIS Web Style Guide.

Alexa Skills

Alexa screengrab

Alexa skill, UIS, connects to a UIS knowledge base that contains frequently asked questions and facts.

IQ Chatbot

IQ Chatbot screengrab

The IQ Chatbot answers questions pertaining to admissions, housing, tuition and costs, campus jobs, etc.

Picture Stories

Picture Stories cover

The Office of Web Services helps to create picture stories for the university, including stories about the history of SSU-UIS, student stories, international and study abroad stories, and more. View our picture stories.


Halloween at the Studio Theatre

Cinemagraphs are still photographs that contain minor movements. They exist in a space between a photograph and video that brings life to an image. View our cinemagraphs.

Web Analytics

Web analytics can offer some amazing insights about how visitors find and use our websites. The feature is enabled to allow our website editors to form their content in the most beneficial way for their particular audience behavior.

Analytics for colleges and departments