The University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) is committed to providing faculty, staff and students with a safe, healthy and drug-free workplace. UIS recognizes that select positions require the performance of potentially hazardous activities. Candidates for these positions are required to undergo a drug screening prior to employment in the position.


This policy is applicable to current employee candidates seeking to change positions and new candidates considered for UIS Academic Professional and Civil Service employment, if the position requires the performance of potentially hazardous activities and/or is deemed safety sensitive. Human Resources will maintain a list of applicable positions. This list may be revised from time to time following consultation with the appropriate constituent group(s) and approval by the Chancellor.

Compliance with this policy is considered a condition of employment. UIS will rescind any conditional offer of employment if the candidate refuses to comply with required drug screening.

For applicable positions, an offer of employment is conditioned upon drug testing clearance. UIS will designate an accredited hospital/institution to conduct the drug screen. Cost for the drug screen will be borne by the employing unit. This policy does not address other circumstances that may warrant drug testing.

No person shall be hired or moved into such position at UIS until the results of the pre-employment drug screen are received, with the exception of unusual circumstances. Given such circumstances and subject to the approval of the Head of Human Resources, a candidate may be conditionally hired into a position pending the results of the pre-employment drug screen.

Candidates who fail to successfully pass the drug screening process will be denied employment in the position.

The program will be administered by Human Resources. Any testing practice or procedure will comply with legal protections under federal and state law, including but not limited to HIPPA, FERPA, the University of Illinois Statutes and General Rules. Information UIS receives regarding drug screening will be collected and maintained on separate forms and in separate confidential files apart from the regular personnel files.


Human Resources or the hiring department, depending on the position type, will be responsible for informing candidates of the drug screening requirement and for issuing contingent offer letters to prospective employees.

In the event that the employment drug test will be required of candidates outside the Springfield area, Human Resources or the hiring unit should arrange to collect the specimen while the candidate is visiting campus or must arrange for an authorized vendor who supplies a list of approved testing sites in the candidate’s immediate area.

Candidates who question the accuracy of the screening test results may request that the procedure be repeated. The original specimen will be utilized for retesting. Request for retesting must be submitted to the testing facility within seventy-two (72) hours of notification of the test result. If a candidate requests a repeat of the test, any cost will be the responsibility of the candidate.

Appeal Process

In the event a candidate’s conditional offer of employment or hire is rescinded based on the drug screen result, the candidate will have two (2) business days to submit a written request for reconsideration, including justification for the request, to the Division Head responsible for the employing unit. If such a request for review is submitted, the Division Head shall consult with the Head of Human Resources to determine if employment in the position is appropriate and consistent with UIS policy. The Head of Human Resources will review the results and consider the circumstances and requirements of the position, and will then make a recommendation to the Division Head for the employing unit. The Division Head will review the recommendations and render a decision. The decision of the Division Head responsible for the employing unit is final.

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