During some semesters, students in Psychology courses may be permitted to volunteer for and participate in approved research projects in order to receive course-related extra credit points (at the instructor’s discretion). Your participation in research is optional.

Proper cancellation etiquette

If you need to cancel your research appointment, you should give the experimenter at least 2 hours’ notice (to allow us time to contact our research assistants and keep them from making unnecessary trips).

Researcher attendance

If you arrive for the experiment but the experimenter is unable to attend the experimental session for whatever reason, then you shall receive full credit for participating in the experiment.

Losing participation privileges

Attending the research sessions for which you have signed up is vitally important. If you do not participate in research for which you have signed up you are potentially taking the spot from another student who was willing to attend and also wasting the researcher’s time. If you fail to show up twice for a particular study without properly notifying the researchers then you may lose the opportunity to participate in all research for the remainder of the term. Implementation of this policy is at the discretion of the researcher conducting the study, not the professor of the class.

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