To fulfill the requirements of PSY 201 and PSY 302 you must participate in research conducted in the psychology department. If you do not wish to participate in the research then please see your instructor for an alternative. You cannot pass the course without participating in research or completing the alternative. Your research participation or alternative assignment must be completed before data collection stops for the term. If you complete all of the other requirements of the class but do not complete this research requirement you will get an incomplete in the class. The incomplete will be removed after you have completed the research requirement.

Research attendance policy

If you are on time for all of the experimental sessions for which you sign up, then you will receive a bonus research credit. For example, if you are required to complete five research credits for this class and you promptly attend the first four one-credit studies, then you will receive a “bonus” credit that would effectively fulfill your requirement. If you miss any scheduled experimental session without proper notification (see “Proper cancellation etiquette”), then you will be required to complete the entire five credits. This policy is not in effect every semester. Please check with your instructor.

Proper cancellation etiquette

If you need to cancel your research appointment, then you should give the experimenter at least 2 hours’ notice (to allow us time to contact our research assistants and keep them from making unnecessary trips).

Researcher attendance

If you arrive for the experiment but the experimenter is unable to attend the experimental session for whatever reason, then you shall receive full credit for participating in the experiment.

Losing participation privileges

Attending the research sessions for which you have signed up is vitally important. If you do not participate in research for which you have signed up you are potentially taking the spot from another student who was willing to attend and you are also wasting the researcher’s time. If you fail to show up twice for a particular study without properly notifying the researchers (see “Proper cancellation etiquette”), then you may forfeit your ability to participate in that study. Implementation of this policy is at the discretion of the researcher conducting the study, not the professor of this class.

Satisfying research requirements using alternatives

To satisfy the research requirement for PSY 201 and PSY 302 you may complete alternative assignments. The nature of the alternative assignments as well as the number that are required can vary by semester and professor. If you intend to complete alternative assignments in order to partially or completely fulfill your research requirement you need to inform your instructor by a specific date that your instructor will announce. If you choose to use the alternative assignments to completely fulfill the research requirement you can have the number of these assignments reduced if they are completed by the date that your instructor specifies. Please note that this early completion discount is not available if you fulfill the research requirement by completing a combination of experimental participation and alternative assignment(s).

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