UIS is committed to maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free environment for its students and employees, in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. Students or employees who violate federal, state or local laws concerning drugs or alcohol are subject to criminal prosecution; those who violate the Policy and Program for Drug Prevention may also be subject to institutional sanctions.

No one under the age of 21 may store, possess or consume alcoholic beverages on any property under the control of the university, including campus housing. Persons of legal drinking age – age 21 years or older – may possess or consume alcoholic beverages only in areas or at functions specifically designated or approved for such use.

The unlawful possession, use, distribution dispensation, sale or manufacture of controlled substances or alcohol is prohibited on university property or as part of any university activity. Employees and students who violate this policy may be disciplined in accordance with university policies, statues, rules, regulations, employment contracts and labor agreements, up to and including discharge and referral for prosecution.

View below or download a complete copy of UIS’ Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (pdf). You may also obtain a printed copy from either the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or the Office of Human Resources.

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