Access to the UIS campus network is a privilege granted to employees, students, and guests who agree to comply with the provisions of this policy. Everyone using the campus network is responsible for using it in an appropriate, ethical and lawful manner.

All users must comply with the following:

  • Each computer must have a functional anti-virus program installed on it. The software must be configured to be automatically updated as new updates are made available. Employees and students may use the latest version of anti-virus software supplied by UIS Information Technology Services at no additional cost. The free version of anti-virus software can be downloaded from the University of Illinois Webstore.
  • No user-supplied network equipment may be connected to the campus network. This includes network hubs, network switches, and other similar equipment. Wireless switches and routers of any kind are not permitted, even if not connected to the campus network.
  • No attempt on the part of the user will be made to interfere or block anti-virus updates, operating system updates, or other activities deemed necessary by Information Technology Services to maintain and ensure a safe networking and computing environment.
  • Students are responsible for the actions of their guests and agree to ensure that guests comply with this policy.