The University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) is committed to community and academic excellence which thrive through honesty, trust, and mutual respect. When faculty, students, and staff come to UIS, they join an academic community founded on the search for knowledge. At the heart of that search is personal honesty that makes possible an open and vibrant exchange of ideas. The intellectual health of the community depends on this honesty and sustains itself through the trust and mutual respect of each of its members. Academic integrity is at the heart of the university's commitment to academic excellence. The UIS community strives to communicate and support clear standards of integrity so undergraduate and graduate students can internalize those standards and carry them forward in their personal and professional lives. Living a life with integrity prepares students to assume leadership roles in their communities as well as in their chosen profession. Alumni can be proud of their education and the larger society will benefit from the university's contribution to the development of ethical leaders. Violations of academic integrity demean the violator, degrade the learning process, deflate the meaning of grades, discredit the accomplishments of past and present students, and tarnish the reputation of the university for all its members. This policy applies to all UIS instructors, staff, and students admitted into UIS in any department or program, including conditional or probationary admittance. This policy provides a due process resolution for alleged violations by students. Resolutions of alleged violations of academic integrity by faculty or staff are not under the purview of this policy.

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