Blake Wood
Publish Date

Richard Gilman-Opalsky, a professor at the University of Illinois Springfield School of Politics and International Affairs, has released a new book titled “Imaginary Power, Real Horizons: The Practicality of Utopianism.” The book, available for preorder now, will be released on July 9.

Published by AK Press, “Imaginary Power, Real Horizons” offers a defense of the radical imagination and its necessity for liberatory struggle. Gilman-Opalsky, known for his scholarly work on social movements, presents a series of essays that explore the power of creativity and utopianism in shaping a better world.

In his latest work, Gilman-Opalsky challenges the notion that imagining a radically different society is impractical, drawing historical parallels to movements such as the abolition of slavery, which were once deemed impossible. Through topics ranging from the cyclical nature of popular movements to the revolutionary aspirations of Free Jazz, Gilman-Opalsky underscores the importance of the human imagination as a real, world-creating power.

Richard Gilman-Opalsky has authored seven books, including “The Communism of Love,” “Specters of Revolt” and “Precarious Communism.” He has lectured widely throughout the world, and his work has been translated and published in Greek, Spanish, French and German.

“Imaginary Power, Real Horizons” is available for preorder on the publisher’s website.