Layla Wellington
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Patty Meyer has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for October 2023. She is the superintendent of building services for UIS Facilities and Services.

“Patty’s commitment to her colleagues, students, faculty and staff is unparalleled. She goes out of her way to meet their needs and expectations,” said Chuck Coderko, her supervisor and associate vice chancellor of facilities and services.

While managing the new property acquired in downtown Springfield on behalf of the University of Illinois Springfield, Meyer demonstrated strong leadership and dedication in making necessary repairs to meet the tenants’ requirements.

Meyer’s profound impact has been widely recognized and appreciated throughout the community. Her contributions extend beyond her professional role, as she devotes her time to various tasks, including caring for senior citizens and serving on the Board of the Metropolitan Exposition and Auditorium Authority.

Her supervisor commends Meyer for her constant positive attitude and exceptional problem-solving abilities.

“She is a true self-starter, always anticipating potential problems and developing well-thought-through solutions that are economically feasible and amenable to all stakeholders involved,” Coderko said.

Meyer’s nominator applauds her dedication to generating ideas for improvements and enhancing the experience of those she serves. A testament to this was when she effectively gathered her team to ensure minimal property damage occurred during a water line rupture this past holiday season.

Meyer also significantly impacted the work culture and dynamics of her employees.

“Patty has turned this group of employees into a model department due to her mentorship, coaching and guidance. This culture change has been astonishing and a sign of a selfless servant-leader who leads from the front,” Coderko said.