Layla Wellington
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Greetings! Here are some important announcements and updates from the UIS Office of Human Resources:

Your Human Resources Contacts

HR is now working under a Division Liaison model where an HR staff member is assigned to each Division.  Your Division Liaison can assist you with most of your Human Resources needs, including Civil Service, Extra Help and Academic Professional Employment.  Here is the list of Divisions and their assigned Division Liaisons: 

For a full listing of Human Resources staff and responsibilities, please visit our website.

Open Forum on JDXpert and Cornerstone

Human Resources held an open forum via Zoom to answer questions related to JDXpert and Cornerstone.  The session was held on Wednesday, September 21st.  Department users involved in submitting position requests or changes we encouraged to attend.  The session was recorded and is available on the Human Resources website. 

If you have any questions, please email  

Coming Soon: Collection of Job Descriptions in JDXpert

The State University Civil Service System (SUCSS) requires each university to collect an updated job description every three years. 2022 is our year! HR will be collecting job descriptions for Academic Professional and Civil Service positions in JDXpert from October 1, 2022 through December 1, 2022. Departments will be responsible for uploading a job description for each Academic Professional and Civil Service employee. This is an excellent opportunity to make any necessary updates to the job description. One of the best features of JDXpert is that job descriptions can then be easily accessed by supervisors and employees as needed. More information on the job description collection will be coming soon. 

SUCSS is Expanding Use of Credential Exams

SUCSS is phasing out the in-person exam requirement and moving to credential assessments for most Civil Service classifications.  This means that applicants for most Civil Service jobs will no longer need to take an in-person test.  Instead, qualifications will be graded in a credential exam, which involves grading an applicant’s application material using a specific list of criteria provided by SUCSS.  SUCSS provided a list of classifications that moved to credential assessments as of July 1 and August 31 and will be moving additional batches of classifications to credential exams on an ongoing basis. 

SAVE THE DATE – Training for Supervisors Coming Soon

Human Resources will be holding an all-day, in-person training event for supervisors on October 28, 2022.  More information and sign up will be coming soon.

Extra Help positions and employees are limited to 900 hours

Pursuant to SUCSS rules, Extra Help appointments cannot exceed 900 hours per employee or per position and are intended to be temporary.  When an Extra Help position or employee reaches 700 hours, Human Resources will notify departments and colleges that the job will be ended in 30 days.  If the work needs to continue beyond 30 days, the department or college may choose from the following options:

  • Reassign duties currently performed by Extra Help to other existing employees.
  • Initiate or proceed with filling the vacancy through the normal hiring process for Civil Service or Academic Professional positions.
  • In limited circumstances, request that Human Resources petition SUCSS for an extension of the Extra Help position.

Although petitioning for an extension remains an option, SUCSS has indicated they will be looking at these requests with increased scrutiny.  We encourage departments and colleges to avoid petitioning for an extension as, in most circumstances, extensions will likely be denied by SUCSS. For more information on Extra Help positions, you may view the procedure manual provided by SUCSS or contact your HR Division Liaison.