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OWS is thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to the website: Broken Links Report! 🎉

Site editors now have access to a dedicated Broken Links Report page, providing you with insights into the health of your web pages. Experience a whole new level of efficiency and convenience in identifying and resolving broken links!

Key Features of the Broken Links Report:

  1. Instant Access to Link Troubles: Quickly pinpoint the exact pages on your website with broken links, saving you valuable time and effort.
  2. Comprehensive Link Data: The report provides detailed information about each failed link, including the specific link that caused the issue and the frequency of its failures.
  3. Filter by Your Unit: Tailor the report to your specific needs by filtering the results according to your unit, ensuring you focus only on what matters most.
  4. Report Export Options: Share and review the Broken Links Report with ease by exporting to view in excel, enabling seamless collaboration with your team.

Are you ready to improve your website's performance and enhance user experience? Discover how to Check Your Site for Broken Links now!

Log in today to experience the power of the Broken Links Report and maintain a seamless and error-free website.

Happy optimizing!