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The Office of Web Services has updated the site to a new administrative theme! Claro, provides a clear admin user interface, with a more modern look and feel. The new design "defines a complete set of principals, patterns, and tools for building a coherent and user-friendly Drupal administrative user interface" .  The initiative to update the administrative theme is to make Drupal compatible with decoupled applications and to make browsing easier for end users.

Some of the basic principals for the new theme is to create a powerful statement, using confident, precise shapes and strong contrast. To follow empathetic and responsive practices to give emphasis to what matters and to make the UI more usable by using predictable patterns. With crisp lines and white space, the Claro theme is focused on functionality, with each element serving a clear purpose. Accessible elements that appeal to the greatest number of people, that use consistent visual clues. By using well-known design patterns and iconography, the visual style providing a friendly and responsive environment. 

Additionally, the Claro theme also offers improved accessibility features, such as high contrast mode and keyboard navigation. It also includes support for RTL languages, which allows Drupal to be used in a wider range of international contexts. The theme also uses a responsive design, which means that it adapts to different screen sizes, making it easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Another benefit of the Claro theme is that it is built using modern front-end technologies such as CSS grid and flexbox, which makes it faster and more efficient than previous admin themes. This allows for a smoother user experience and faster page load times.

Overall, the Claro theme is a significant improvement over the previous administrative theme in Drupal. It offers a modern, user-friendly interface that makes it easier for end users to navigate and interact with Drupal’s features. Its design principles, patterns and tools make it more coherent and easy to use, and it’s built with accessibility, responsive design and internationalization in mind. It’s a great example of how Drupal is evolving to meet the needs of modern web development.