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Dear Students, Faculty and Staff —

I understand that last night’s Student Government Association townhall that took place in the Student Union was difficult for many students and staff in attendance. I unfortunately was not able to attend due to work-related travel, but I have been in communication with Student Affairs leadership to make sure students who need support are receiving it. We will fully evaluate all that transpired before making recommendations for further appropriate actions.

Our university is the educational home to more than 4,000 students who bring with them diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Our institutional values remind us that each of us has a role in fostering an inclusive culture that recognizes the needs and contributions of every individual. We must honor one another’s humanity and act with civility during our interactions and have an openness to seek mutual understanding during times of disagreement. 

It is my expectation that we, as a university community, will grow and heal from the recent events that have caused hurt, confusion and anger among valued members of our UIS community.


Janet L. Gooch, PhD


University of Illinois Springfield

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