Layla Wellington
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Carol Marshall has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for September 2023. She is the admissions and record coordinator for the UIS Office of Admissions Processing.

“She's always willing to listen and help in any situation, work-related or not, and is a rock for her team. She puts in the effort to ensure every applicant's admission process goes smoothly, and if there is a problem, she will find a solution,” said Marshall nominator.

As a valuable member of the UIS community, Marshall takes pride in building relationships with students and families.

“She often goes out of her way to resolve issues with the applicant and has the student and university’s best interest in mind. In fact, previous students and their families have turned into friends and stay in touch with her because of her warm and helpful personality,” said Rhyann Morris, her supervisor. “She aims to be a good example for her coworkers and campus community and provides a positive mentoring experience for new staff, and gives consistent guidance to her team.

Marshall’s ability to connect to students and prioritize their needs demonstrates her attention to detail and customer service skills. From guiding students through their application process to ensuring their academic journey is successful, Marshall’s overall goal is to play an active role in their lives.

Her nominator said Marshall cultivates the work environment atmosphere and her character is ideal for an efficient team.

“She approaches each day at UIS with enthusiasm and positivity that makes the university both a wonderful workplace and learning environment for everyone.”