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Per the State University Civil Service System statute, all Academic Professional and Civil Service job descriptions are required to be reviewed and updated at least every three years, including the signatures of the incumbent and supervisor.  In order to comply with this statutory mandate, UIS must collect job descriptions by the end of this calendar year.  We are excited to utilize our new JDXpert system for this process.  Once the supervisor and dean/director have approved the document it will be sent to the employee for electronic signature.  It will then be available in the system for all parties to view and/or print at any time.  Positions that have been entered in JDXpert since it went live this summer will not require a revision as part of this process.

The submission of a job description may be done by the supervisor OR the designated department contact.  To ensure that all supervisors have the requisite access to JDXpert, HR has uploaded an initial group of supervisors to utilize this specific form.  A set of instructions can be found here.  If you have trouble getting into the form when following these instructions, please contact Melisa Hatch to ensure your name was added to the supervisor group.

No security access needs to be requested by your USC and no additional system training is required; however, we strongly suggest supervisors attend the Job Description Training session next Tuesday, November 15 from 9-10 a.m.  Please use this zoom link.  During this training we will discuss best practices for creating job descriptions and answer any questions you have about uploading in JDXpert.  The training will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

We ask that all job descriptions be uploaded no later than close of business December 20.  If you have concerns about meeting this deadline, please contact your Division Liaison for assistance.

Melisa Hatch

Deputy Director of Human Resources

University of Illinois Springfield

Human Resources, HRB 30

Springfield, IL 62703