Blake Wood
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Ardis Livingston has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for July 2023. He is an electrician for UIS Building Maintenance.

His supervisor, Chuck Coderko, said he always demonstrates a high level of commitment, expertise and professionalism as an electrician.

“He is an extremely hard worker and shows up every day with a smile on his face and with a positive attitude that is infectious and cheers everyone up,” Coderko said. “He is a true asset to the team and deserves recognition for his outstanding work.”

Livington’s nominator praised him for discovering and repairing a malfunction in the Brookens building's electronic baseboard heating system.

“He was a delightful co-worker while he was in our hallway -- he was kind, personable, as quiet as possible (not disrupting our meetings) and efficient,” his nominator said. “He even vacuumed the hallway when he was done! I'm so grateful for hardworking colleagues like Ardis.”

On a separate job, Livingston took it upon himself to fix an issue with the exterior lighting system at the Performing Arts Center.

“Simply put, Ardis is a self-starter who works daily to improve the infrastructure and work environment for UIS students and employees,” Coderko said.

Livingston is known for his friendly and approachable demeanor and takes great pride in helping others.

“He is highly dedicated to his work and consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic,” Coderko said. “He never shies away from a tough or large project and is always willing to learn and improve his skills.”

He’s also very attentive to customer needs, doing what it takes to complete the project.

“He is always mindful of their requirements and goes above and beyond to ensure their complete satisfaction,” Coderko said. “He takes a proactive approach to problem-solving and is highly effective in developing cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders involved.”