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As a University of Illinois employee, you are required to complete ethics training on an annual basis. This year's course focuses on relevant issues and events as they relate to the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, Illinois Executive Order 15-09 and the Illinois Human Rights Act.

The training is available now and will remain accessible through 5:00 PM Central Time on October 31, 2022.

This year’s course will be presented in two parts and both must be completed to receive your certificate of completion. To complete your coursework, please do the following:

  1. Open your web browser and go to:
  2. Click “Net ID Login”.
  3. Choose your university location and “Select”.
  4. Enter your university Net ID and password and “Login”.
  5. Once logged into the University of Illinois System Training LMS, on the Course Overview screen, select the “2022 Annual Ethics Training” icon by clicking on the image.
  6. On the dashboard, please click on the “2022 Annual Ethics Training for Faculty and Staff" link.
  7. Your course will open and you may progress following the on screen prompts to complete Parts I and II of your training.
  8. Upon completion, click the link provided to obtain your Certificate of Completion.

The course may be completed in segments or in one sitting, and your progress will be bookmarked so you can return when you log back into the course. The course contains narrated audio segments and will take approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Coursework should be completed during your regular work hours or as your supervisor directs.

Scheduled reminders will be sent to anyone who has not completed the course in its entirety on October 17th and October 28th. To avoid receiving reminders from the university Ethics Officer, please complete this requirement at your earliest convenience.

If you are an undergraduate student worker or extra help employee, you complete a different form of training and will not have a course using the above login detail. Instead, please go to for your instructions on completing training.

If you are having difficulty with your Net ID and password, please contact your respective support desk for assistance:

  • Chicago –UIC Help Center: 312-413-0003 (option 9)
  • Urbana-Champaign- Technology Services: 217-244-7000 or 800-531-2531
  • Springfield - ITS Client Services: 217-206-6000 or 877-847-0443

University Ethics and Compliance staff are available to assist with content questions: 866-758-2146; For additional information regarding the annual ethics training requirement, please visit our website:

Sincerely, Donna S. McNeely
Executive Director of University Ethics and Compliance
Phone: 866-758-2146