Blake Wood
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Allison Thornley has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for March 2022. She has worked for UIS Athletics since 2011 and currently serves as the associate athletic director for strategic planning and finance and the senior women's administrator.

One nominator describes Thornley as “the glue that holds are department together.” Her nominators say she is deserving of recognition for all of her consistent hard work, positive impact and loyalty toward the Prairie Stars.

“She is the leader in our department and the person that everyone goes to for assistance,” said a nominator. “She has great relationships across campus and keeps the coaches in our department on track and in order. There are many duties and responsibilities that have been added to plate over her 10 years at UIS, and she manages to do it all well.”

As the Senior Women's Administrator, she acts as a resource for all female staff, coaches and athletes and as an advocate for women’s athletics. She also has helped to develop UIS Athletics’ COVID-19 policies and strategies in order to keep student-athletes, staff and coaches safe.

“She has great relationships with student-athletes and coaches and keeps everything very positive,” said a nominator. “Allison answers emails late at night, makes necessary calls on the weekend, and does whatever it takes to help make the department run efficiently.”

Roy Brown, Thornley’s supervisor, praises her for her reliability and commitment, judgement, customer service, teamwork and cooperation.

“Allison’s positive attitude is contagious,” Brown said. “She approaches tasks as opportunities to help and improve, and never as inconvenient or annoyances. She is a trusted confidant in our department. She epitomizes the ‘we over me’ mentality.”

Thornley frequently volunteers to help with student life events and sporting events on campus. She is also a volunteer youth softball coach outside of UIS.

“She is truly a team player who never seeks any credit,” said a nominator. She more than deserves to be considered for employee of the month.”