International Orientation and Check-In

The Office of International Student Services (ISS) provides a mandatory orientation program during the week before classes start each semester. All new international students are expected to Check-In and attend Orientation. The director, international peers, faculty, and university staff (Residence Life, Health Insurance, Health Services, Library, etc.) provide information and guidance to facilitate a smooth transition for new international students to the campus and community. Information is provided on academic, financial, personal, social, institutional, cross-cultural and governmental issues.


Confirm your attendance – Do you plan to attend UIS?  Please use the following link to confirm your attendance and request transportation services from the Springfield, Illinois airport or train station to UIS:  Confirm Attendance Spring 2019.

Campus Housing – If you plan to live on campus, you must Apply for Housing. You may be allowed to move-in early, but you must submit an Early Arrival Request prior to their Spring 2019 deadline, which is December 16, 2018. You should apply for housing and complete the Early Arrival Request as soon as possible (you do not have to be admitted or have your visa approved to apply).

Travel and Accommodations – If you do not confirm early arrival with housing or you arrive prior to early arrival date, you will need to stay at a hotel. This link provides hotel information for you and family members, and will also assist you in navigating through your arrival process.

Please view the Campus Maps to familiarize yourself with the campus. Driving directions to the campus, maps of each building, parking, and more are available on this site.

New International Student Orientation Spring 2019


Orientation is MANDATORY for all new students.  New International Student Orientation will take place on Wednesday,  January 9, 2019.  Orientation begins with breakfast at 8:30am in the lounge area of the second floor of UHB (University Hall Building). UHB is building #14 on the Campus Map.  Please bring your immigration documents to orientation.  We will be completing your Immigration Check-In at Orientation.

Plan for a full day of welcome, which includes information on various departments and resources on campus, health insurance, immigration check-in, on-campus job opportunities and GA/GPSI programs, getting your university iCard, a vendor fair, campus tours, and much more!  Breakfast and lunch will be provided as well as beverages.  Please bring your I-20 and passport to Orientation.

Important:  You WILL NOT be able to register for future classes (Fall 2019 semester) or add/drop classes until you have attended orientation and complete the Check-In process. Orientation is mandatory even if you transferred from another university. All new international students will be charged an International Orientation Fee of $175. 


New international student Check-In is required for immigration registration and will be handled through You will click the blue “LOGIN” button under Full Client Services for Students & Scholars and you will use your UIS Net ID and password to log-in.  Once logged-in, click on “F-1 Student Services” on the left.  Then, click on “Student Check-In”.  Check-In involves completing the Pledge of Compliance, updating your address and emergency contact, as well as uploading your most recent I-94.  You will need your address in the United States and your Form I-94 (this is your arrival/departure record and can be printed or saved AFTER you arrive in the U.S.) to complete Check-In. Click “Get Most Recent I-94” and enter your information. If you have trouble finding your I-94, follow the directions provided on this page.



UIS Resources

For a complete list, visit Student Resources and Information.


Chancellor Koch International Student Welcome

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Illinois and welcome to the University of Illinois Springfield!

 I’m delighted to have an opportunity to speak briefly with you today.

You might be interested to know that you are one of about 83,000 students in Springfield, Chicago, and Champaign-Urbana who this year will be engaged in the University of Illinois journey.

 You are also one of about 52,000 international students studying somewhere in Illinois this year – the majority of whom are attending the UI.

Most importantly, you are already on your way to earning a University of Illinois degree – one of the most valuable academic credentials in the world.

Congratulations, again!

 As Chancellor of UIS, I want to assure you that the opportunity to be here, in Springfield, Illinois, at this moment is filled with possibilities:

        1. You’re going to have learning opportunities in the classroom where you’ll benefit from working with faculty whose first priority is you;
  • You’re going to have opportunities to participate in activities both on campus, in the community and beyond that will enhance your education and prepare you for success and satisfaction for the rest of your life;
  • And above all you are going to grow in ways that you cannot even imagine today.     

But, I also want to tell you that those possibilities really depend, more than anything else, on you.

The only way that the next year or two (or three of four) here at this American university is going to be worthwhile for you will be if you:

  • Embrace every opportunity – you are among the very fortunate few residents of planet earth who get to attend college – do it and do it 100%!
  • Go to class and seek help when you need it from faculty and student services that will help you succeed;
  • Reach out to other students, especially students who are not just like you and your friends back at home; join something, connect, volunteer, attend campus events, do MORE that you are required to do!
  • I encourage you to think about what you can give as well as about what you can get. I am confident you will leave this University a better place – because you were here.
  • Get to know your location; explore the community of Springfield – spend time at the Lincoln Presidential Museum and other historical sites; take a selfie with “The Young Lawyer,” our beautiful Lincoln sculpture; attend local festivals in the community; enjoy music and theatre performances right here in Sangamon Auditorium (students get special reduced prices) ; take the Amtrack train to St. Louis and Chicago – they are both wonderful cities with lots to see and learn; get out there!
  • Take care of yourself and others; have fun but stay safe.
  • WELCOME to the start of your University of Illinois journey!

It won’t be easy; but I promise you it will be worth it.

I look forward to getting to know you this Fall, to sharing this university experience with you. (Please do introduce yourself to me in the coming days.)

… and I look forward to shaking your hand at graduation a few years down the road.