Current Students

This section strives to keep all current international students with F-1 visas up to date on your legal responsibilities in the United States. If after reading this information you still have questions please feel free to call or visit ISS for more detailed information.

  • Dependents – Information on how to bring a spouse and/or children to the US
  • Employment and Training – Information about different types of authorized work opportunities for international students
  • Financial Assistance – For students interested in scholarships or financial resources outside the university
  • Graduation – How to participate in and invite family to your graduation ceremony
  • Health – Health Services provides preventive services and resources that support health care and health education in a safe environment
  • Maintaining F-1 Visa Status – Understanding the immigration regulations and following the laws for your F-1 visa status
  • Scams – Updates on scams that target international students.
  • Transportation – Information on how to get around campus and Springfield:  car, bike, bus, taxi, and transportation programs
  • Taxes – All international students in the US are required to fill out and mail income tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) even if they did not make any money.
  • Travel – Information on travel within and outside the US

International Students

In today’s world, as never before, comprehensive internationalization of higher education has become an essential mandate, not just an option. For the many of us who are able to visit or live in only one or two other countries during an entire lifetime, the opportunity to learn from our international students of the myriad diversity of cultures around the world, and how persons from those many cultures view our own culture, provides an enriched educational experience.

“The Office of International Student Services is extremely proud of the role that we play in helping to support international diversity on our campus and in our community.”

Rick Lane, Director ISS

The University of Illinois Springfield welcomes students from around the world!