iStart is the new online portal to most resources you will need through the Office of International Student Services.  You can access your iStart account at  ISS began using iStart in June of 2018 and we are continuing to add functions and e-forms to the software for our F-1 international students to use. 


When can I access iStart?

You may access iStart once you are admitted to UIS and have created your UIS account.  You must have a UIN, net ID, and password in order to access iStart.

How do I log into iStart?

Go to  You will click the blue “LOGIN” button under Full Client Services for Students & Scholars and you will use your UIS Net ID and password to log-in.

How do I complete Immigration Check-In?

Once logged-in, click on “F-1 Student Services” on the left.  Then, click on “Student Check-In”.  Check-In involves completing the Pledge of Compliance, updating your address and emergency contact, as well as uploading your most recent I-94.  You will need your address in the United States and your Form I-94 in order to complete Immigration Check-In.

What does the iStart legend mean?

The legend notifies you on the status of your documents in iStart. Here are some of the common meanings for the legend:

  • Incomplete: You have yet to submit a document.
  • Optional: You may be required to submit this document after we reviewed your file.
  • Complete: You have submitted the document. Please be aware that after you have submitted your document it needs to be reviewed, so return to iStart to ensure the document was approved. If the document was not sufficient, the status will be updated to ‘Follow-Up Required’ or ‘Denied.’
  • Draft: Your document has been started but not submitted. If you are ready to submit the document, be sure to click Submit, not Save Draft.
  • Submit Another: For certain forms such as Add a Dependent, you may need to submit more than one. You will see this option after you have submitted the form at least once.
  • Not Yet Available: This form will not be available to you until later in the process. Please check back later.
  • Pending Review: This item is in line for review.
  • Follow-Up Required: Your document was reviewed and requires additional information.
  • Routed to a 3rd Party: You filled out this form and it was sent to the individual you listed on the form. We are waiting for them to complete their section of the form.
  • Denied: The document you sent was not approved.

How do I upload documents?

  1. Log in to iStart
  2. Select item you’d like to submit.
  3. Click Browse and select your document you have saved on your computer. Fill out any additional information on the form. If you have multiple files you are submitting for a document, combine all documents into one PDF file before submitting.
  4. Check the certification box (if required).
  5. Submit document.

How do I check my document’s status?

Once logged on to iStart, you may check the status of individual documents submitted to ISS.

What information and E-Forms can be submitted to iStart?

  • Biographical Information – use when you need to update your address, phone number, or emergency contact
  • Student Check-In – new international students after you arrive to UIS
  • New I-94 – upload your new I-94 after a return from abroad back to the U.S.
  • New Visa – use for a new visa only
  • Reduced Course Load – submit prior to the semester that you need to take less than a full course load
  • Transfer Out – use if you are leaving UIS
  • Initial I-20 – use if you require a new initial I-20 only – not to be used for a new I-20 for any other reason
  • Program Extension – use if you require more time to complete your degree than the program end date listed on your I-20
  • Add New Dependent – use to add a spouse or child to your SEVIS record to obtain F-2 visa
  • Curricular Practical Training Form – used to request CPT authorization
  • OPT STEM Extension I-20 Request – used to apply for the STEM extension
  • OPT STEM Employer and/or I-983 Update Report – used for any changes to the I-983, including adding a new employer
  • OPT STEM Reporting – used for reporting and evaluation requirements on OPT STEM
  • Travel Signature Request for students on OPT – use to request an I-20 with a new travel endorsement