Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status

Once you have been accepted for admission to UIS for a program of study, you will need a form I-20 in order to apply for your visa (or change to F-1 status). To learn more about the form I-20, please visit Study in the States. This document, along with your passport, visa, and arrival/departure record (form I-94) should be kept current and up-to-date at all times. You will receive the form I-20 from the Office of International Student Services and must report any changes to the information contained on the form to our office as soon as the change occurs.  Before beginning this process, set up your UIS account (if you have not already).

In order to issue form I-20, ISS must first verify that you have been fully admitted to your program of study and must receive from you documents that demonstrate that you have available to you all the financial resources that you need for at least your first full academic year of study. The expenses that you must be able to cover include your tuition and fees (for an estimate of your tuition and fees, see the Tuition Calculator provided by the Office of Records and Registration), books and supplies, housing, food, and other living expenses, health insurance, and similar expenses for any dependents (spouse and children) who may accompany or join you while you are studying in the United States.

Then, gather your financial documents that show that you have available to you funds to cover all of these (at least $38,000 for the first 12 months). The funds may belong to you, to another member of your family, or even to a friend who is willing to assist you in payment of your expenses.

Steps to submit your documents to iStart

  1. Log-in to iStart.  You will click the blue “LOGIN” button under Full Client Services for Students & Scholars and you will use your UIS Net ID and password to log-in.
  2. Click on Pre-Arrival
  3. Click on Initial I-20 Request (or SEVIS Transfer In)
  4. Complete the fields and upload required documentation
  5. Click “Submit” when complete

Keep the original documents. You will need them when you visit the US embassy or consulate to apply for your visa.

The following documents are acceptable:

  •  Bank statements showing liquid assets such as cash deposits, certificates of deposit, savings, or any other funds that you can withdraw at any time you may need them
  • Investment statements showing funds that you can actually withdraw and use them immediately (statement should clearly indicate that you can access them as needed)
  • Scholarship letters (in English) stating that the scholarship funds are immediately available to you at the beginning of your studies
  • Approved lines of credit and any limits
  • Funding provided by your government and its date of availability
  • Approved Loans

Please Note: Financial statements in the name of a business or organization must include a letter on official letterhead from the owner, President or CFO of the business/organization stating that they are supporting your education, how much funds are available for your education and that the funds are immediately available as needed.

The following are NOT acceptable:

  • Payroll reports or expected income
  • Tax statements
  • Property assessment
  • Insurance policies
  • Bank statements that do not include actual amounts
  • Chartered account statements
  • Statements about property, jewelry, automobiles, or other forms of non-liquid assets
  • Any other statements about worth of non-liquid assets

All funds must be available for you to spend upon arrival in the US. All documents must be in English. The supporting documents must include the name of the owner of the funds. The documents must be dated less than 12 months prior to the date your classes will begin at UIS. The documents should also include the type of currency. (We will convert the amounts to the US dollar equivalent on the day the form I-20 is created.)