Conditional Admissions

This applies to students that are fully admitted for bachelor level study and admission to master level is pending the completion of prerequisite courses. Upon successful completion of the undergraduate prerequisite courses, a new Form I-20 will be issued. Once the student has completed the prerequisite courses, and received a passing grade, the student will fill out the "Change of Level I-20 Request" via iStart. Unless otherwise indicated by the DSO, the student does not need to submit new financial documentation for this situation. Once processed, student will receive a new I-20 for the masters level.

Degree Completion

Students that completed a degree at UIS and plan to complete a new degree at UIS will need to complete the "Change of Level I-20 Request" via iStart. Students may change to a new degree within their 60 day grace period after their program end date or 60 day grace period after the conclusion of their approved Optional Practical Training. This form may be used when switching from bachelors to a masters or to any other educational level (including the same level, new degree) admitted to at UIS. Student are required to upload new financial documents with this form, following the same requirements on the Initial Form I-20 page.