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Bruce Sommer

Join us for our brand new entrepreneurship education series, with Angel Investor entrepreneur and lecturer, Bruce Sommer.

Every Thursday from October 5th to November 17th. 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Call 217-206-8671 for more details!

Open to the public; financial assistance & scholarships available!


Generally, our workshop will cover the main challenges and opportunities to drive an idea from the seed stage to the early stage (Launch). At the workshop, you will also learn about resources available to you and your business.

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Ideation and Idea Development

Where do ideas come from and how do we develop them?

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Seed to Early Stage

From idea to launch, learn about each step and what to do next, including idea validation and feasibility analysis.

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Financial Modeling and Resource Development

Learn about resources for revenue, building a pitch deck and fundraising from early stage investors or venture groups.

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Iteration and Growth

Ideas must improve and grow, learn how to collect and use data to grow your idea.