Website Supervisors 

All new websites requests will first need to be approved by the website supervisor for that division. The website supervisor is responsible for approving new website requests before they are approved for development by OWS.   

Monica Kroft 
Division of Academic Affairs 

Jessie Burrell 
Chancellor's Division 

Eileen Norris 
Division of Student Affairs 

Web Liaisons  

Web liaisons are named by the unit head and will act as the website editor/publisher for their unit. They will be responsible for managing, updating, and creating new content for their site. Web liaisons will also be in charge of gaining approval from unit heads and requesting training and access from OWS for all new site editors. For the Academic Affairs Division, all web liaisons must also get prior approval from the website supervisor to add new site editors.  

Website Roles & Permissions 

Website roles offer different levels of access and permissions to groups of users.  

  • Editor - can create and edit pages, articles, and events for their unit.   
  • Publisher - can publish and review content and schedule a page or update to a page to be published at on a future date. Publishers are responsible for reviewing all changes made by editors, working with editors to correct any mistakes identified, scanning pages for accessibility issues, and publishing page updates once finalized and approved. 
  • Executive - has permissions to create featured content on the site and access additional configuration to set a page as an academic program, scholarship, policy, student experience page, etc.  
  • Developer - has permissions to access most things excluding advanced configuration and permissions. Developers also have the capability to create webforms, access blocks, etc. 
  • Administrator - full administrator access 

Page Moderation States 

The website offers different moderation states that pages can be set at depending upon where they are at in the editing process.  

  • Draft - this saves a revision of the page that is not published and will show up with a pink background on the page on save.  
  • Needs Review - use this state when you are ready for a page to be reviewed for publishing. It adds the page to a queue to be reviewed by a site publisher or admin.
  • Schedule* - drafts of pages can be scheduled for future publishing. 
  • Published * - the current published revision of the page 
  • Archive - the page is no longer published on the site but retained for future reference. 

*Only Publishers and higher-level roles have access to these states. 

Editing Workflow 

OWS is recommending that the new website feature an improved workflow in order to retain the integrity of the website as it ages. To continuously improve site content and rank it is important to create a workflow to review content prior to its publication to the website. We are recommending two levels of website training: 

  • Editor Training – users will learn how to navigate the administrative interface, add content to the website, and submit it for review.  
  • Publisher Training – an advanced training where users learn how to process the “Needs Review” queue and reviews editor updates to identify and resolve issues with accessibility, usability and site content. 

Requesting a New Website 

  1. A unit will submit a website project request to request a new website . 
  2. The request will be reviewed by the website supervisor for that division. 
  3. If approved, OWS will contact the unit to discuss their needs and provide options to develop their new site.  

Requesting Website Access/Training 

  1. The web liaison for a unit can request to add a new editor to their site.  
  2. The request is processed by OWS and the individual can sign up for website training.  
  3. Once the training is completed, access will be granted to the editor.  
  4. To gain permission to publish updates, users must complete the advanced Publisher training

Making Site Updates 

  1. An editor makes updates to the unit's website and/or creates a new page and submits it for Needs Review.  
  2. The unit publisher or an OWS team member will review the updates, make recommendations or final changes and once approved, publish the page. If there are no major issues, all updates should be published within 24-48 hours on business days. If a page needs to published immediately, a user should email their request as urgent to