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Friday Night Soccer Fest

Join Alumni and Friends of all ages for Oktoberfest hospitality in celebration of the UIS men’s and women’s soccer programs. A family-friendly activity with hospitality for all ages. Complimentary Oktoberfest- themed foods will accompany traditional concession stand items. Fireworks follow conclusion of Men’s soccer match.  

Prairie Stars vs. Southwest Baptist University Bearcats

5:00 p.m.
Women’s Soccer Match

Chicken and Pickle

This is a relaxed and casual event for all ages, and is family-friendly. Come for food, share camaraderie and if you desire, try your hand at Pickleball or other fun games.

New to Pickleball? Free instruction to be provided, and guests can enjoy property amenities to the level of their comfort. 

Alumni Defined

Alum - Any of various crystalline double salts of a trivalent metal (such as aluminum, chromium, or iron) and a monovalent metal (such as potassium or sodium), especially aluminum potassium sulfate. Alum is widely used in industry as a hardener and purifier, and in medicine as an emetic and to stop bleeding.

Alum – An inclusive slang term for a graduate of a university or other institution…the term Alum has fluidity, though, as recognition of non-binary individuals continues to evolve.